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RealNetworks Helix Server 14.x < 14.3.x Multiple Vulnerabilities



The remote media streaming server is affected by multiple vulnerabilities.


Such versions are potentially affected by multiple vulnerabilities.

- Administrative and user credentials are insecurely stored in a flat file database. This file may be accessed by local users to disclose passwords stored in clear text. (CVE-2012-1923)

- A buffer overflow exists in the code that parses authentication credentials. It may be possible for a remote attacker to exploit this issue and execute arbitrary code. (CVE-2012-0942)

- Multiple unspecified cross-site scripting vulnerabilities. (CVE-2012-1984)

- A specially crafted malfored URL can cause the server process to crash if opened by an administrator. (CVE-2012-1985)

- Establishing and immediately closing a TCP connection on port 705 can cause the SNMP Master Agent to crash (CVE-2012-2267)

- A specially crafted Open-PDU request sent to the SNMP Master Agent can cause it to crash due to an unhandled exception. (CVE-2012-2268)


Upgrade to RealNetworks Helix Server / Helix Mobile Server 14.3.x or later.