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Google Chrome < 19.0.1084.46 Multiple Vulnerabilities



The remote host contains a web browser that is affected by multiple vulnerabilities.


Versions of Google Chrome earlier than 19.0.1084.46 are potentially affected by the following vulnerabilities :

- Video content with FTP can cause crashes. (CVE-2011-3083)

- Internal links are not loaded in their own process. (CVE-2011-3084)

- Lenghty auto-filled values can corrupt the user interface. (CVE-2011-3085)

- User-after free errors exist related to style elements, table handling, indexed DBs, GTK 'omnibox' handling, and corrupt font enconding names related to PDF handling. (CVE-2011-3086, CVE-2011-3089, CVE-2011-3091, CVE-2011-3096, CVE-2011-3099)

- An error exists related to windows navigation. (CVE-2011-3087)

- Out-of-bounds read errors exist to hairline drawing, glyph handling, Tibetan, OGG containers, PDF sampled functions and drawing dash paths. (CVE-2011-3088, CVE-2011-3093, CVE-2011-3094, CVE-2011-3095, CVE-2011-3097, CVE-2011-3100)

- A race condition related to workers exists. (CVE-2011-3090)

- An invalid write exists in the v8 regex processing. (CVE-2011-3092)

- An error exists related to Windows Media Player plugin and the search path. (CVE-2011-3098)

- An off-by-one out-of-bounds write error exists in libxml. (CVE-2011-3098)


Upgrade to Google Chrome 19.0.1084.46 or later.