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Apache 2.2 < 2.2.22 Multiple Vulnerabilities



The remote web server is vulnerable to multiple attack vectors.


Versions of Apache 2.2 earlier than 2.2.22 are potentially affected by the following vulnerabilities :

- When configured as a reverse proxy, improper use of the RewriteRule and ProxyPasssMatch directives could cause the web server to proxy requests to arbitrary hosts. This could allow a remote attacker to indirectly send request to intranet servers. (CVE-2011-3368, CVE-2011-4317)

- A heap-based buffer overflow exists when mod_setenvif module is enabled and both a maliciously crafted 'SetEnvIf' directive and a maliciously crafted HTTP request header are used. (CVE-2011-3607)

- A format string handling error can allow the server to be crashed via maliciously crafted cookies. (CVE-2012-0021)

- An error exists in 'scoreboard.c' that can allow local attackers to crash the server during shutdown. (CVE-2012-0031)

- An error exists in 'protocol.c' that can allow 'HTTPOnly' cookies to be exposed to attackers through the malicious use of either long or malformed HTTP headers. (CVE-2012-0053)

- An error in the mod_proxy_ajp module when used to connect to a backend server that takes an overly long time to respond could lead to a temporary denial of service. (CVE-2012-4557)


Upgrade to Apache version 2.2.22 or later.