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OpenSSH < 5.7 Multiple Vulnerabilities



The remote SSH service may be affected by multiple vulnerabilities.


Versions of OpenSSH server before 5.7 may be affected by the following vulnerabilities :

- A security bypass vulnerability because OpenSSH does not properly validate the public parameters in the J-PAKE protocol. This could allow an attacker to authenticate without the shared secret. Note that this issue is only exploitable when OpenSSH is built with J-PAKE support, which is currently experimental and disabled by default. (CVE-2010-4478)

- The auth_parse options function in auth-options.c in sshd provides debug messages containing authorized_keys command options, which allows remote authenticated users to obtain potentially sensitive information by reading these messages. (CVE-2012-0841)

Note: PVS has solely relied on the banner of the SSH client to perform this check. Any backported patches or workarounds such as recompiling or edited configurations are not observable through the banner.


Upgrade to OpenSSH version 5.7 or later.