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Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1.x < 3.1.12 Multiple Vulnerabilities



The remote host has an email client installed that is vulnerable to multiple attack vectors.


Versions of Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1.x prior to 3.1.12 are affected by the following vulnerabilities :

- Several memory safety bugs exist in the browser engine that may permit remote code execution. (CVE-2011-2982) - A dangling pointer vulnerability exists in an SVG text manipulation routine. (CVE-2011-0084) - A dangling pointer vulnerability exists in appendChild, which did not correctly account for DOM objects it operated upon. (CVE-2011-2378) - A privilege escalation vulnerability in the event management code could permit JavaScript to be run in the wrong context. (CVE-2011-2981) - A privilege escalation vulnerability exists if a web page registered for drop events and a browser tab element was dropped into the content area. (CVE-2011-2984) - A binary planing vulnerability in 'ThinkPadSensor::Startup' could permit loading a malicious DLL into the running process. (CVE-2011-2980) - A data leakage vulnerability triggered when RegExp.input was set could allow data from other domains to be read. (CVE-2011-2983)<


Upgrade to Thunderbird 3.1.12 or later.