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Opera < 11.10 Multiple Vulnerabilities



The remote host has a web browser that is vulnerable to multiple attack vectors.


The remote host is running the Opera web browser.

Versions of Opera earlier than 11.10 are potentially affected by multiple vulnerabilities : - An unspecified vulnerability allows remote attackers to hijack searches and customizations using unspecified third-party applications. (CVE-2011-2634)

- Several errors exist that can cause application crashes. Affected items or functionalities are the handling of the CSS pseudo-class ': hover' if used with transforms on a floated element, unspecified web content, and the handling of an embedded Java applet with empty parameters. (CVE-2011-2635, CVE-2011-2636, CVE-2011-2637, CVE-2011-2638, CVE-2011-2640)

- An error in the handling of hidden animated GIF images can cause a denial of service through CPU consumption as image repaints are triggered. (CVE-2011-2639)


Upgrade to Opera 11.10 or later.