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Adobe AIR APSB08-23 / APSB08-22 / APSB08-20 / APSB08-18 Multiple Vulnerabilities



The remote Windows host contains a runtime environment that is affected by multiple issues.


According to its version number, an instance of Adobe AIR on the remote Windows host is 1.5 or earlier. Such versions are potentially affected by several vulnerabilities :

- A potential port-scanning issue. (CVE-2007-4324)

- Possible privilege escalation attacks against web servers hosting Flash content and cross-domain policy files. (CVE-2007-6243)

- Potential Clipboard attacks. (CVE-2008-3873)

- FileReference upload and download APIs that don't require user interaction. (CVE-2008-4401)

- A potential cross-site scripting vulnerability. (CVE-2008-4818)

- A potential issue that could be leveraged to conduct a DNS rebinding attack. (CVE-2008-4819)

- An information disclosure issue affecting only the ActiveX control. (CVE-2008-4820)

- An information disclosure issue involving interpretation of the 'jar: ' protocol and affecting only the plugin for Mozilla browsers. (CVE-2008-4821)

- An issue with policy file interpretation could potentially lead to bypass of a non-root domain policy. (CVE-2008-4822)

- A potential HTML injection issue involving an ActionScript attribute. (CVE-2008-4823)

- Multiple input validation errors could potentially lead to execution of arbitrary code. (CVE-2008-4824)

- An Adobe AIR application that loads data from an untrusted source could allow an attacker to execute untrusted JavaScript with elevated privileges. (CVE-2008-5108)


Upgrade to version or higher.