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Trend Micro OfficeScan 'cgiRecvFile.exe' Buffer Overflow



The remote host contains an application that is affected by a buffer overflow vulnerability.


Trend Micro OfficeScan or Client Server Messaging Security is installed on the remote host. The installed version is affected by a buffer overflow vulnerability. By setting the parameter 'ComputerName' to a very long string in a specially crafted HTTP request, a malicious user within the local network may be able to trigger a stack-based overflow in 'cgiRecvFile.exe'. Exploitation of this issue requires manipulation of the parameters 'TempFileName', 'NewFileSize', and 'Verify' and, if successful, would result in arbitrary code execution on the remote system.


Upgrade to : \n\n - Trend Micro OfficeScan 8.0 Build 1361/2424 or 3060 depending on the current OfficeScan patch level.\n - Trend Micro Client Server Messaging Security 3.6 Build 1195.\n - Trend Micro OfficeScan 7.3 Build 3167.