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Opera < 9.52 Multiple Vulnerabilities



The remote host contains a web browser that is affected by several issues.


The version of Opera installed on the remote host is older than 9.52 and is reportedly affected by several issues :

- Specially-crafted URLs could start Opera in a way that would allow execution of arbitrary code. - Invalid checking of what frames a site can change, allowing a website to open pages from other sites. - An unspecified cross-site scripting issue. - Custom shortcuts and menu commands may pass parameters created from uninitialized memory. - Secure sites loading insecure content in a frame will cause Opera to incorrectly display the padlock icon. - Feed sources can link to a user's local disk, and appropriate JavaScript can detect if these files exist or not. - The page address may be changed when a user subscribes to a newsfeed subscription using the feed subscription button.


Upgrade to version 9.52 or higher.