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Jetty < 6.1.6 Multiple Vulnerabilities



The remote host is vulnerable to multiple attack vectors.


The remote host is running Jetty, a Java web server that can be downloaded off the Internet and is currently bundled with some IBM applications. This version of Jetty is vulnerable to a remote flaw in the way that it handles cookie quotes. An attacker exploiting this flaw would be able to hijack the session of valid users without authentication. Further, this version of Jetty is vulnerable to a flaw in the way that it handles Carriage-Return/Line-Feed characters. An attacker can exploit this flaw to inject malicious HTTP headers into a session. This version of Jetty is also vulnerable to a cross-site scripting (XSS) attack that would allow an attacker to possibly retrieve sensitive data from client browsers.


Upgrade to version 6.1.6 or higher.