Mozilla < 1.7.6 Multiple Vulnerabilities

high Log Correlation Engine Plugin ID 801215


The remote host is missing a critical security patch or upgrade.


The remote host is using Mozilla, a web browser. The remote version of this software contains the following security flaws:
1) There is a flaw in the way that the browser handles scripting within 'tabbed' cross-domains. An attacker exploiting this flaw would need to be able to convince a user to click on a malicious URL which would then open a separate 'TAB' within the browser. The attacker could then retrieve data relevant to other tabbed connections or execute code locally.
2)There is a flaw in the default about: config script that would allow an attacker to modify configuration data. In order to execute such an attack, the attacker would need to be able to entice the user into visiting or clicking on a malicious URL. A successful attacker would be able to modify the local configuration file, resulting in enhanced access rights or other potential exploits. In addition, there are other unconfirmed flaws in Mozilla version 1.7.5 and lower.


Upgrade to Mozilla 1.7.6 or higher.