Mac OS X : Safari < 6.0.1 Multiple Vulnerabilities

high Log Correlation Engine Plugin ID 800990


The remote host contains a web browser that is affected by several vulnerabilities.


The remote Mac OS X host has Safari installed.

Versions of Safari earlier than 6.0.1 are reportedly affected by several issues :

- A logic error in Safari's handling of the Quarantine attribute caused the safe mode not to be triggered on Quarantined files, which could lead to the disclosure of local file contents. (CVE-2012-3713)

- A rare condition in the handling of Form Autofill could lead to the disclosure of information from the Address Book 'Me' card that was not included in the Autofill popover. (CVE-2012-3714)

- A logic issue in the handling of HTTPS URLs in the address bar when pasting text could result in the request being sent over HTTP. (CVE-2012-3715)

- Numerous issues exist in WebKit. (CVE-2011-3105, CVE-2012-2817, CVE-2012-2818, CVE-2012-2829, CVE-2012-2831, CVE-2012-2842, CVE-2012-2843, CVE-2012-3598, CVE-2012-3601, CVE-2012-3602, CVE-2012-3606, CVE-2012-3607, CVE-2012-3612, CVE-2012-3613, CVE-2012-3614, CVE-2012-3616, CVE-2012-3617, CVE-2012-3621, CVE-2012-3622,CVE-2012-3623, CVE-2012-3624, CVE-2012-3632, CVE-2012-3643, CVE-2012-3647, CVE-2012-3648, CVE-2012-3649, CVE-2012-3651, CVE-2012-3652,CVE-2012-3654, CVE-2012-3657, CVE-2012-3658,CVE-2012-3659, CVE-2012-3660, CVE-2012-3671,CVE-2012-3672, CVE-2012-3673, CVE-2012-3675,CVE-2012-3676, CVE-2012-3677, CVE-2012-3684,CVE-2012-3685, CVE-2012-3687, CVE-2012-3688,CVE-2012-3692, CVE-2012-3699, CVE-2012-3700,CVE-2012-3701, CVE-2012-3702, CVE-2012-3703,CVE-2012-3704, CVE-2012-3705, CVE-2012-3706,CVE-2012-3707, CVE-2012-3708, CVE-2012-3709,CVE-2012-3710, CVE-2012-3711, CVE-2012-3712)


Upgrade to Safari 6.0.1 or later.

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