openSUSE Security Update : icinga nagios-rpm-macros (openSUSE-SU-2012:1123-1)

This script is Copyright (C) 2014 Tenable Network Security, Inc.

Synopsis :

The remote openSUSE host is missing a security update.

Description :

This update fixes the following issues for icinga and
nagios-rpm-macros: icinga :

- reverted icinga home directory change

- added missing dependency to the new recurring downtimes

- added a new package which provides the recurring
downtimes scripts from contrib

- updated the icinga user home directory - /var/lib/icinga
is not needed anymore

- imported upstream version 1.7.1

- core: use prefix in solaris service definition #2609 -

- core: fix various memory leaks in downtime eventhandling
on SIGHUP (Carlos Velasco) #2666 - MF

- classic ui: Fixed status.cgi time out when displaying
hostgroups in large environments #2617 - RB

- classic ui: Fixed Invalid JSON output for hostgroup
overview (Torsten Rehn) #2680 - RB

- classic ui: Fixed Confusing use of display_name in JSON
and CSV output (Torsten Rehn) #2681 - RB

- classic ui: Fixed wrong totals in 'Service Status
Summary' on Status Summary page (Mark Ziesemer) #2689 -

- idoutils: fix small compiler issues #2620 - TD/CF

- idoutils: fix upgradedb script typos and past changes
#2682 - MF

- config: check_ido2db_procs.cfg should not depend on
local-service template #2616 - MF

- install: adapt lsb headers for icinga and ido2db #2637 -

- install: fix typo in
-proc-event (thanks uosiu) #2671 - MF

- cleaned up rcicinga and added checkresult directory
creation before start

- added patch to fix wrong fsf address in some license

- extracted update_path_script parts from %post to a
separate file located under doc

- fixed - it granted icinga
access to all dbs - so please check the permissions of
your mysql icinga user

- removed all other ido2utils scripts since they are not
supported by upstream

- updated readme - better distinguishable topics

- updated readme - mysql example command granted icinga
access to all dbs

- added 'show-errors' to icinga init script as documented
in the wiki

- changed eventhandlers directory from
/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/eventhandler to
/lib/icinga/eventhandler (unpackaged files do not get

- moved remaining files and the checkresults directory
from /var/lib/icinga to /var/spool/icinga

- moved /var/lib/icinga to /var/spool/icinga/

- removed nagios directories from the packages

- changed /var/spool/icinga/icinga.cmd to

- changed /var/spool/icinga/ido2db.sock to

- added post scripts to update the existing configuration
files accordingly

- replaced the existing default http-passwd file with the
one from upstream - user icingaadmin with password

- adapted the RHEL upstream icinga and icinga-idoutils
readmes for SUSE and packaged them

- idoutils db schema has changed, check
tils how to upgrade it

- imported upstream version 1.7.0

- core: notifications: Create contact list after
eventbroker callbacks (Andreas Ericsson) #2110 - MF

- core: fix event removal from queues with O(1) removal
from doubly linked lists (Andreas Ericsson) #2183 - MF

- core: avoid senseless looping when free()'ing macros
(Andreas Ericsson) #2184 - MF

- core: avoid insane looping through event list when
rescheduling checks (Mathias Kettner, Andreas Ericsson)
#2182 - MF

- core: allow empty host groups in service and host
dependencies if allow_empty_hostgroup_assignment flag is
set (Daniel Wittenberg) #2255 - MF

- core: fix compatibility problems on solaris 10 (affects
core, cgis, ido) (Carl R. Friend) #2292 - MF/RB/TD

- core: add trigger_time to downtimes to allow calculating
of flexible downtimes endtime #2537 - MF

- core: add nebmodule version/name check for idomod (this
allows future version dependencies) #2569 - MF

- classic ui: Added option for max log entries displayed
in showlog.cgi #2145 - RB

- classic ui: Added config option for status totals in
status.cgi #2018 - RB

- classic ui: Added multiple hosts/services to status.cgi
GET #1981 - RB

- classic ui: Added nostatusheader in status.cgi as config
option #2018 - RB

- classic ui: Added statusmap resizing with
exclude/include button (thanks to Mat) #2186 - RB

- classic ui: Added Select hosts or services by clicking
on line instead of box #2118 - RB

- classic ui: include graph icons by default in logos
#2222 - MF

- classic ui: added missing comment tool tip box to
outages.cgi #2396 - RB

- classic ui: add JavaScript to refresh page/pause easier
#2119 - RB

- classic ui: Added Scheduling queue filter for specific
host or service #2421 - RB

- classic ui: add display_status_totals as cgi.cfg option
in order to allow the status totals to be shown again
#2443 - RB

- classic ui: Changed reading of auth information from
cgiauth.c to cgiutils.c #2524 - RB

- classic ui: Added readonly cgi.cfg view into the config
section #1776 - RB

- classic ui: add is_in_effect and trigger_time to
downtime view for html, csv, json #2538 - MF

- classic ui: add modified attributes row to extinfo.cgi
showing diffs to original config (thx Sven Nierlein for
the idea) #2473 - MF

- classic ui: add modified attributes reset command to
extinfo.cgi allowing to reset to original config #2474 -

- idoutils: add new index for state in table statehistory
#2274 - TD

- idoutils: add is_in_effect and trigger_time to
scheduleddowntime and downtimehistory tables #2539 - MF

- idoutils: change varchar(255) to TEXT in mysql (not cs
and address rfc columns) #2181 - MF

- idoutils: enhance dbversion table with modified and
created columns #2562 - MF

- idoutils: set module info in idomod, to be checked on
neb module load in future versions #2569 - MF

- init script: check configuration before restart to avoid
a non running service on config problems

nagios-rpm-macros :

- readded status.dat and retention.dat paths

- added additional Icinga paths for Icinga 1.7

See also :

Solution :

Update the affected icinga nagios-rpm-macros packages.

Risk factor :


Family: SuSE Local Security Checks

Nessus Plugin ID: 74739 ()

Bugtraq ID:


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