openSUSE Security Update : Mozilla based packages (openSUSE-2017-712)

This script is Copyright (C) 2017 Tenable Network Security, Inc.

Synopsis :

The remote openSUSE host is missing a security update.

Description :

This update for Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, and NSS fixes the
following issues :

Mozilla Firefox was updated to 52.2esr (boo#1043960) MFSA 2017-16 :

- CVE-2017-5472 (bmo#1365602) Use-after-free using
destroyed node when regenerating trees

- CVE-2017-7749 (bmo#1355039) Use-after-free during
docshell reloading

- CVE-2017-7750 (bmo#1356558) Use-after-free with track

- CVE-2017-7751 (bmo#1363396) Use-after-free with content
viewer listeners

- CVE-2017-7752 (bmo#1359547) Use-after-free with IME

- CVE-2017-7754 (bmo#1357090) Out-of-bounds read in WebGL
with ImageInfo object

- CVE-2017-7755 (bmo#1361326) Privilege escalation through
Firefox Installer with same directory DLL files (Windows

- CVE-2017-7756 (bmo#1366595) Use-after-free and
use-after-scope logging XHR header errors

- CVE-2017-7757 (bmo#1356824) Use-after-free in IndexedDB

- CVE-2017-7778, CVE-2017-7778, CVE-2017-7771,
CVE-2017-7772, CVE-2017-7773, CVE-2017-7774,
CVE-2017-7775, CVE-2017-7776, CVE-2017-7777
Vulnerabilities in the Graphite 2 library

- CVE-2017-7758 (bmo#1368490) Out-of-bounds read in Opus

- CVE-2017-7760 (bmo#1348645) File manipulation and
privilege escalation via callback parameter in Mozilla
Windows Updater and Maintenance Service (Windows only)

- CVE-2017-7761 (bmo#1215648) File deletion and privilege
escalation through Mozilla Maintenance Service
helper.exe application (Windows only)

- CVE-2017-7764 (bmo#1364283) Domain spoofing with
combination of Canadian Syllabics and other unicode

- CVE-2017-7765 (bmo#1273265) Mark of the Web bypass when
saving executable files (Windows only)

- CVE-2017-7766 (bmo#1342742) File execution and privilege
escalation through updater.ini, Mozilla Windows Updater,
and Mozilla Maintenance Service (Windows only)

- CVE-2017-7767 (bmo#1336964) Privilege escalation and
arbitrary file overwrites through Mozilla Windows
Updater and Mozilla Maintenance Service (Windows only)

- CVE-2017-7768 (bmo#1336979) 32 byte arbitrary file read
through Mozilla Maintenance Service (Windows only)

- CVE-2017-5470 Memory safety bugs fixed in Firefox 54 and
Firefox ESR 52.2

- remove -fno-inline-small-functions and explicitely
optimize with

-O2 for openSUSE > 13.2/Leap 42 to work with gcc7

Mozilla NSS was updated to NSS 3.28.5

- Implemented domain name constraints for CA: TUBITAK Kamu
SM SSL Kok Sertifikasi - Surum 1. (bmo#1350859)

- March 2017 batch of root CA changes (bmo#1350859)
(version 2.14) CA certificates removed: O = Japanese
Government, OU = ApplicationCA CN = WellsSecure Public
Root Certificate Authority CN = TURKTRUST Elektronik
Sertifika Hizmet H6 CN = Microsec e-Szigno Root CA
certificates added: CN = D-TRUST Root CA 3 2013 CN =
TUBITAK Kamu SM SSL Kok Sertifikasi - Surum 1
java-1_8_0-openjdk was rebuild against NSS 3.28.5 to
satisfy a runtime dependency.

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Solution :

Update the affected Mozilla based packages packages.

Risk factor :