EDGE-00-000005 - InPrivate mode must be disabled.


This setting specifies whether the user can open pages in InPrivate mode in Microsoft Edge.

If this policy is not configured or set it to 'Enabled', users can open pages in InPrivate mode.

Set this policy to 'Disabled' to stop users from using InPrivate mode.

Set this policy to 'Forced' to always use InPrivate mode.

Policy options mapping:
- Enabled (0) = InPrivate mode available
- Disabled (1) = InPrivate mode disabled
- Forced (2) = InPrivate mode forced


Set the policy value for 'Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Microsoft Edge/Configure InPrivate mode availability' to 'enabled' and select 'InPrivate mode disabled'.

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Item Details

References: CAT|II, CCI|CCI-000166, Rule-ID|SV-235723r626523_rule, STIG-ID|EDGE-00-000005, Vuln-ID|V-235723

Plugin: Windows

Control ID: 8a792ac681844c69e010e9d79b7625753a4c7cd820e9979d44aa8a435d875a46