DISA STIG Edge v1r2

Warning! Audit Deprecated

This audit file has been deprecated and will be removed in a future update.

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Audit Details

Name: DISA STIG Edge v1r2

Updated: 3/22/2022

Authority: DISA STIG

Plugin: Windows

Revision: 1.1

Estimated Item Count: 57

Audit Items

DISA_STIG_Microsoft_Edge_v1r2.audit from DISA Microsoft Edge v1r2 STIG
EDGE-00-000001 - User control of proxy settings must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000002 - Bypassing Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prompts for sites must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000003 - Bypassing of Microsoft Defender SmartScreen warnings about downloads must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000004 - The list of domains for which Microsoft Defender SmartScreen will not trigger warnings must be whitelisted if used.
EDGE-00-000005 - InPrivate mode must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000006 - Background processing must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000008 - The ability of sites to show pop-ups must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000009 - The default search provider must be set to use an encrypted connection.
EDGE-00-000010 - Data Synchronization must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000011 - Network prediction must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000012 - Search suggestions must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000013 - Importing of autofill form data must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000014 - Importing of browser settings must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000015 - Importing of cookies must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000016 - Importing of extensions must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000017 - Importing of browsing history must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000018 - Importing of home page settings must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000019 - Importing of open tabs must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000020 - Importing of payment info must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000021 - Importing of saved passwords must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000022 - Importing of search engine settings must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000023 - Importing of shortcuts must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000024 - Autoplay must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000025 - WebUSB must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000026 - Google Cast must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000027 - Web Bluetooth API must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000028 - Autofill for Credit Cards must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000029 - Autofill for addresses must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000030 - Online revocation checks must be performed.
EDGE-00-000031 - Personalization of ads, search, and news by sending browsing history to Microsoft must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000032 - Site tracking of a user's location must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000033 - Browser history must be saved.
EDGE-00-000034 - Edge development tools must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000036 - Download restrictions must be configured.
EDGE-00-000039 - URLs must be whitelisted for plugin use.
EDGE-00-000041 - Extensions installation must be blocklisted by default.
EDGE-00-000042 - Extensions that are approved for use must be allowlisted.
EDGE-00-000043 - The Password Manager must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000044 - The HTTPS warning page must not be able to be bypassed.
EDGE-00-000045 - The version of Microsoft Edge running on the system must be a supported version.
EDGE-00-000046 - Edge must be configured to allow only TLS.
EDGE-00-000047 - Site isolation for every site must be enabled.
EDGE-00-000048 - Supported authentication schemes must be configured.
EDGE-00-000050 - Microsoft Defender SmartScreen must be enabled.
EDGE-00-000051 - Microsoft Defender SmartScreen must be configured to block potentially unwanted apps.
EDGE-00-000052 - The download location prompt must be configured.
EDGE-00-000054 - Tracking of browsing activity must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000055 - A website's ability to query for payment methods must be disabled.
EDGE-00-000056 - Suggestions of similar web pages in the event of a navigation error must be disabled.