2.1.3 Ensure timezone is properly configured


Sets the local time zone information so that the time displayed by the device is more relevant to those who are viewing it.


Having a correct time set on the device is important for two main reasons. The first reason is that digital certificates compare this time to the range defined by their Valid From and Valid To fields to define a specific validity period. The second reason is to have relevant time stamps when logging information. Whether you are sending messages to a Syslog server, sending messages to an SNMP monitoring station, or performing packet captures, timestamps have little usefulness if you cannot be certain of their accuracy.


For many features to work, including scheduling, logging, and SSL-dependent features, the FortiOS system time must be accurate.


In this example, we will set Eastern Timezone (GMT-5:00) for the Fortigate. Each timezone will have its corresponding ID. To find the correct ID, when you type in the command 'set timezone ', also type the question mark '?' to list all of the available timezones and their IDs. The ID of the Eastern Timezone is 12
In the CLI:

FGT1 # config system global
FGT1 (global) # set timezone 12
FGT1 (global) # end
FGT1 #

In the GUI, do the following:

1) after login to fortigate, go to 'System' -> 'Settings'
2) select '(GMT-5:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)' under 'System Time'

Default Value:

Default value is (GMT-8:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

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References: 800-53|AU-7, 800-53|AU-8, CSCv7|6.1

Plugin: FortiGate

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