DISA STIG Google Chrome v2r6

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This audit file has been deprecated and will be removed in a future update.

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Audit Details

Name: DISA STIG Google Chrome v2r6

Updated: 2/27/2023

Authority: Operating Systems and Applications

Plugin: Windows

Revision: 1.2

Estimated Item Count: 44

File Details

Filename: DISA_STIG_Google_Chrome_Windows_v2r6.audit

Size: 72.5 kB

MD5: b9bef436d3f3e06ee1b660e577d45ae2
SHA256: 23304ec516c725758d6924cdf33b9f1c587c45ed1158671c688db7090f5a5143

Audit Items

DISA_STIG_Google_Chrome_Windows_v2r6.audit from DISA Google Chrome Current Windows v2r6 STIG
DTBC-0001 - Firewall traversal from remote host must be disabled.
DTBC-0002 - Site tracking users location must be disabled.
DTBC-0004 - Sites ability to show pop-ups must be disabled.
DTBC-0005 - Extensions installation must be blocklisted by default.
DTBC-0006 - Extensions that are approved for use must be allowlisted.
DTBC-0007 - The default search providers name must be set.
DTBC-0008 - The default search provider URL must be set to perform encrypted searches.
DTBC-0009 - Default search provider must be enabled.
DTBC-0011 - The Password Manager must be disabled.
DTBC-0017 - Background processing must be disabled.
DTBC-0020 - Google Data Synchronization must be disabled.
DTBC-0021 - The URL protocol schema javascript must be disabled.
DTBC-0023 - Cloud print sharing must be disabled.
DTBC-0025 - Network prediction must be disabled.
DTBC-0026 - Metrics reporting to Google must be disabled.
DTBC-0027 - Search suggestions must be disabled.
DTBC-0029 - Importing of saved passwords must be disabled.
DTBC-0030 - Incognito mode must be disabled.
DTBC-0037 - Online revocation checks must be performed.
DTBC-0038 - Safe Browsing must be enabled,
DTBC-0039 - Browser history must be saved.
DTBC-0045 - Session only based cookies must be disabled.
DTBC-0050 - The version of Google Chrome running on the system must be a supported version.
DTBC-0052 - Deletion of browser history must be disabled.
DTBC-0053 - Prompt for download location must be enabled.
DTBC-0055 - Download restrictions must be configured.
DTBC-0056 - Chrome must be configured to allow only TLS.
DTBC-0057 - Safe Browsing Extended Reporting must be disabled.
DTBC-0058 - WebUSB must be disabled.
DTBC-0060 - Chrome Cleanup must be disabled.
DTBC-0061 - Chrome Cleanup reporting must be disabled.
DTBC-0063 - Google Cast must be disabled.
DTBC-0064 - Autoplay must be disabled.
DTBC-0065 - URLs must be allowlisted for Autoplay use.
DTBC-0066 - Anonymized data collection must be disabled.
DTBC-0067 - Collection of WebRTC event logs must be disabled.
DTBC-0068 - Chrome development tools must be disabled.
DTBC-0069 - Guest Mode must be disabled.
DTBC-0070 - AutoFill for credit cards must be disabled.
DTBC-0071 - AutoFill for addresses must be disabled.
DTBC-0072 - Import AutoFill form data must be disabled.
DTBC-0073 - Web Bluetooth API must be disabled.
DTBC-0074 - Use of the QUIC protocol must be disabled.