DISA STIG Apache Tomcat Application Server 9 v2r4

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This audit file has been deprecated and will be removed in a future update.

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Audit Details

Name: DISA STIG Apache Tomcat Application Server 9 v2r4

Updated: 10/17/2023

Authority: DISA STIG

Plugin: Unix

Revision: 1.4

Estimated Item Count: 84

Audit Items

DISA_STIG_Apache_Tomcat_Application_Server_9_v2r4.audit from DISA Apache Tomcat Application Server 9 v2r4 STIG
TCAT-AS-000010 - The number of allowed simultaneous sessions to the manager application must be limited.
TCAT-AS-000020 - Secured connectors must be configured to use strong encryption ciphers.
TCAT-AS-000030 - HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) must be enabled.
TCAT-AS-000040 - TLS 1.2 must be used on secured HTTP connectors.
TCAT-AS-000050 - AccessLogValve must be configured for each application context.
TCAT-AS-000060 - Default password for keystore must be changed.
TCAT-AS-000070 - Cookies must have secure flag set.
TCAT-AS-000080 - Cookies must have http-only flag set.
TCAT-AS-000090 - DefaultServlet must be set to readonly for PUT and DELETE.
TCAT-AS-000100 - Connectors must be secured.
TCAT-AS-000110 - The Java Security Manager must be enabled.
TCAT-AS-000170 - Tomcat servers behind a proxy or load balancer must log client IP.
TCAT-AS-000180 - AccessLogValve must be configured per each virtual host.
TCAT-AS-000240 - Date and time of events must be logged.
TCAT-AS-000250 - Remote hostname must be logged.
TCAT-AS-000260 - HTTP status code must be logged.
TCAT-AS-000270 - The first line of request must be logged.
TCAT-AS-000360 - $CATALINA_BASE/logs folder permissions must be set to 750.
TCAT-AS-000361 - Files in the $CATALINA_BASE/logs/ folder must have their permissions set to 640.
TCAT-AS-000370 - Files in the $CATALINA_BASE/conf/ folder must have their permissions set to 640.
TCAT-AS-000371 - $CATALINA_BASE/conf folder permissions must be set to 750.
TCAT-AS-000380 - Jar files in the $CATALINA_HOME/bin/ folder must have their permissions set to 640.
TCAT-AS-000390 - $CATALINA_HOME/bin folder permissions must be set to 750.
TCAT-AS-000450 - Tomcat user UMASK must be set to 0027.
TCAT-AS-000470 - Stack tracing must be disabled.
TCAT-AS-000490 - The shutdown port must be disabled.
TCAT-AS-000500 - Unapproved connectors must be disabled.
TCAT-AS-000510 - DefaultServlet debug parameter must be disabled.
TCAT-AS-000520 - DefaultServlet directory listings parameter must be disabled.
TCAT-AS-000530 - The deployXML attribute must be set to false in hosted environments.
TCAT-AS-000540 - Autodeploy must be disabled.
TCAT-AS-000550 - xpoweredBy attribute must be disabled.
TCAT-AS-000560 - Example applications must be removed.
TCAT-AS-000570 - Tomcat default ROOT web application must be removed.
TCAT-AS-000580 - Documentation must be removed.
TCAT-AS-000590 - Applications in privileged mode must be approved by the ISSO.
TCAT-AS-000600 - Tomcat management applications must use LDAP realm authentication.
TCAT-AS-000610 - JMX authentication must be secured.
TCAT-AS-000630 - TLS must be enabled on JMX.
TCAT-AS-000690 - LDAP authentication must be secured.
TCAT-AS-000700 - DoD root CA certificates must be installed in Tomcat trust store.
TCAT-AS-000710 - Keystore file must be protected.
TCAT-AS-000750 - Tomcat must use FIPS-validated ciphers on secured connectors.
TCAT-AS-000780 - Access to JMX management interface must be restricted.
TCAT-AS-000790 - Access to Tomcat manager application must be restricted.
TCAT-AS-000800 - Tomcat servers must mutually authenticate proxy or load balancer connections.
TCAT-AS-000820 - Tomcat must be configured to limit data exposure between applications.
TCAT-AS-000860 - Clusters must operate on a trusted network.
TCAT-AS-000920 - ErrorReportValve showServerInfo must be set to false.