DISA STIG AIX 7.x v2r9

Audit Details

Name: DISA STIG AIX 7.x v2r9

Updated: 4/29/2024

Authority: DISA STIG

Plugin: Unix

Revision: 1.2

Estimated Item Count: 311

File Details

Filename: DISA_STIG_AIX_7.x_v2r9.audit

Size: 640 kB

MD5: c3b27e3b472d35e5af0b65e781a8f6a9
SHA256: 47989ff8b914b00c4bb631e0c53a6e1fae911fdee035dbd1bbcebf0c8476606d

Audit Changelog

Revision 1.2

Apr 29, 2024

Functional Update
  • AIX7-00-001015 - The shipped /etc/security/mkuser.sys file on AIX must not be customized directly.
Revision 1.1

Apr 15, 2024

  • Variables updated.