CIS MySQL 8.0 Enterprise Linux OS L1 v1.2.1

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Audit Details

Name: CIS MySQL 8.0 Enterprise Linux OS L1 v1.2.1

Updated: 6/17/2024

Authority: CIS

Plugin: Unix

Revision: 1.2

Estimated Item Count: 34

File Details

Filename: CIS_MySQL_8.0_Enterprise_Benchmark_v1.2.1_Level_1_OS_Linux.audit

Size: 56.5 kB

MD5: dc1d50ac650e21cddd4b5fcbc66c3bb4
SHA256: 7d25c94caa062f20329ecd2cde03731291c2885aa19956eefab1f95f14c4461c

Audit Items

1.1 Place Databases on Non-System Partitions
1.2 Use Dedicated Least Privileged Account for MySQL Daemon/Service
1.4 Verify That the MYSQL_PWD Environment Variable is Not in Use
1.6 Verify That 'MYSQL_PWD' is Not Set in Users' Profiles - .bash_profile
1.6 Verify That 'MYSQL_PWD' is Not Set in Users' Profiles - .bashrc
1.6 Verify That 'MYSQL_PWD' is Not Set in Users' Profiles - .profile
2.1.1 Backup Policy in Place
2.1.2 Verify Backups are Good
2.1.3 Secure Backup Credentials
2.1.4 The Backups Should be Properly Secured
2.1.6 Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan
2.1.7 Backup of Configuration and Related Files
2.3 Dedicate the Machine Running MySQL
2.4 Do Not Specify Passwords in the Command Line
2.6 Ensure Non-Default, Unique Cryptographic Material is in Use
3.1 Ensure 'datadir' Has Appropriate Permissions
3.2 Ensure 'log_bin_basename' Files Have Appropriate Permissions
3.3 Ensure 'log_error' Has Appropriate Permissions
3.4 Ensure 'slow_query_log' Has Appropriate Permissions
3.5 Ensure 'relay_log_basename' Files Have Appropriate Permissions
3.6 Ensure 'general_log_file' Has Appropriate Permissions
3.7 Ensure SSL Key Files Have Appropriate Permissions
3.8 Ensure Plugin Directory Has Appropriate Permissions
3.9 Ensure 'audit_log_file' Has Appropriate Permissions
3.10 Secure MySQL Keyring - keyring_aws_conf_file
3.10 Secure MySQL Keyring - keyring_encrypted_file_data_path
3.10 Secure MySQL Keyring - keyring_file_data_path
3.10 Secure MySQL Keyring - keyring_hashicorp_store_path
3.10 Secure MySQL Keyring - keyring_oci_key_file
3.10 Secure MySQL Keyring - keyring_okv_path
4.5 Ensure 'mysqld' is Not Started With '--skip-grant-tables'
6.4 Ensure 'log-raw' is Set to 'OFF'
7.2 Ensure Passwords are Not Stored in the Global Configuration
CIS_MySQL_8.0_Enterprise_Benchmark_v1.2.1_Level_1_OS_Linux.audit from CIS Oracle MySQL 8.0 Enterprise Edition Benchmark