CIS Microsoft Edge L1 v1.1.0

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Audit Details

Name: CIS Microsoft Edge L1 v1.1.0

Updated: 2/7/2024

Authority: CIS

Plugin: Windows

Revision: 1.4

Estimated Item Count: 78

File Details

Filename: CIS_Microsoft_Edge_v1.1.0_L1.audit

Size: 136 kB

MD5: 3359012c6dfbb2df6a266581c065dda9
SHA256: 752231af3ff445dc93faf42d7560f1a7b73c611f59efbe2ad54ddfb751f0f8ac

Audit Items

1.2.1 Ensure 'Enable Google Cast' is set to 'Disabled'
1.3.3 Ensure 'Control use of insecure content exceptions' is set to 'Enabled: Do not allow any site to load mixed content'
1.3.6 Ensure 'Control use of the File System API for writing' is set to 'Enabled: Don't allow any site to request write access to files and directories'
1.3.9 Ensure 'Default geolocation setting' is set to 'Enabled: Don't allow any site to track users physical location'
1.5.1 Ensure 'Configure users ability to override feature flags' is set to 'Enabled: Prevent users from overriding feature flags'
1.7.1 Ensure 'Allow Basic authentication for HTTP' is set to 'Disabled'
1.7.2 Ensure 'Allow cross-origin HTTP Basic Auth prompts' is set to 'Disabled'
1.13.1 Ensure 'Enable saving passwords to the password manager' is set to 'Disabled'
1.14.1 Ensure 'Enable startup boost' is set to 'Disabled'
1.17.1 Ensure 'Specifies whether to allow insecure websites to make requests to more-private network endpoints' is set to 'Disabled'
1.20.1 Ensure 'Configure Microsoft Defender SmartScreen' is set to 'Enabled'
1.20.2 Ensure 'Configure Microsoft Defender SmartScreen to block potentially unwanted apps' is set to 'Enabled'
1.20.3 Ensure 'Enable Microsoft Defender SmartScreen DNS requests' is set to 'Disabled'
1.20.4 Ensure 'Force Microsoft Defender SmartScreen checks on downloads from trusted sources' is set to 'Enabled'
1.20.5 Ensure 'Prevent bypassing Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prompts for sites' is set to 'Enabled'
1.20.6 Ensure 'Prevent bypassing of Microsoft Defender SmartScreen warnings about downloads' is set to 'Enabled'
1.22.1 Ensure 'Configure Edge TyposquattingChecker' is set to 'Enabled'
1.23 Ensure 'Ads setting for sites with intrusive ads' is set to 'Enabled: Block ads on sites with intrusive ads'
1.24 Ensure 'Allow download restrictions' is set to 'Enabled: Block potentially dangerous downloads'
1.27 Ensure 'Allow Google Cast to connect to Cast devices on all IP addresses' is set to 'Disabled'
1.28 Ensure 'Allow importing of autofill form data' is set to 'Disabled'
1.29 Ensure 'Allow importing of browser settings' is set to 'Disabled'
1.30 Ensure 'Allow importing of home page settings' is set to 'Disabled'
1.31 Ensure 'Allow importing of payment info' is set to 'Disabled'
1.32 Ensure 'Allow importing of saved passwords' is set to 'Disabled'
1.33 Ensure 'Allow importing of search engine settings' is set to 'Disabled'
1.34 Ensure 'Allow managed extensions to use the Enterprise Hardware Platform API' is set to 'Disabled'
1.38 Ensure 'Allow personalization of ads search and news by sending browsing history to Microsoft' is set to 'Disabled'
1.39 Ensure 'Allow queries to a Browser Network Time service' is set to 'Enabled'
1.40 Ensure 'Allow remote debugging' is set to 'Disabled'
1.42 Ensure 'Allow the audio sandbox to run' is set to 'Enabled'
1.44 Ensure 'Allow user feedback' is set to 'Disabled'
1.48 Ensure 'Allow websites to query for available payment methods' is set to 'Disabled'
1.50 Ensure 'Automatically import another browser's data and settings at first run' is set to 'Enabled: Disables automatic import, and the import section of the first-run experience is skipped'
1.52 Ensure 'Block tracking of users' web-browsing activity' is set to 'Enabled: Balanced (Blocks harmful trackers and trackers from sites user has not visited; content and ads will be less personalized)'
1.54 Ensure 'Clear browsing data when Microsoft Edge closes' is set to 'Disabled'
1.55 Ensure 'Clear cached images and files when Microsoft Edge closes' is set to 'Disabled'
1.56 Ensure 'Configure InPrivate mode availability' is set to 'Enabled: InPrivate mode disabled'
1.60 Ensure 'Configure the list of names that will bypass the HSTS policy check' is set to 'Disabled'
1.61 Ensure 'Configure the list of types that are excluded from synchronization' is set to 'Enabled'
1.62 Ensure 'Configure the Share experience' is set to 'Enabled: Don't allow using the Share experience'
1.63 Ensure 'Configure whether form data and HTTP headers will be sent when entering or exiting Internet Explorer mode' is set to 'Enabled: Do not send form data or headers'
1.64 Ensure 'Continue running background apps after Microsoft Edge closes' is set to 'Disabled'
1.65 Ensure 'Control communication with the Experimentation and Configuration Service' is set to 'Enabled: Disable communication with the Experimentation and Configuration Service'
1.70 Ensure 'Delete old browser data on migration' is set to 'Disabled'
1.71 Ensure 'Disable saving browser history' is set to 'Disabled'
1.72 Ensure 'Disable synchronization of data using Microsoft sync services' is set to 'Enabled'
1.73 Ensure 'DNS interception checks enabled' is set to 'Enabled'
1.74 Ensure 'Enable AutoFill for addresses' is set to 'Disabled'
1.75 Ensure 'Enable AutoFill for payment instructions' is set to 'Disabled'