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Zabbix < 1.8.18 / 2.0.9 Multiple SQL Injection Vulnerabilities



The remote host is running a web application that is vulnerable to a SQL-injection attack.


The remote host is running Zabbix, an IT monitoring service. Versions of Zabbix earlier than 1.8.18 or 2.0.9 are contain a number of SQL injection vulnerabilities via the API and web front end. The following API methods are reported to be vulnerable:

- alert.get: time_from, time_till; - event.get: object, source, eventid_from, eventid_till; - graphitem.get: parameter: type; - graph.get: parameter: type; - graphprototype.get: parameter: type; - history.get: parameter: time_from, time_till; - trigger.get: parameter: lastChangeSince, lastChangeTill, min_severity; - triggerprototype.get: parameter: min_severity; - usergroup.get: parameter: status

Other pages vulnerable to SQL injection include the "Dashboard", "Graphs", "Maps", "Latest data" and "Screens" pages in the "Monitoring" section. Successful attacks allow an attacker to gain access to the database and execute arbitrary SQL statements.


Upgrade to Zabbix 2.0.9 / 1.8.18 or later. Additionally, patches are available for versions 2.0.8 / 1.8.17 / 1.8.2.