Mozilla Firefox for Android < 27.0 Multiple Vulnerabilities
PVS ID: 8101 FAMILY: Web Clients RISK: LOW NESSUS ID:Not Available
Description: Synopsis :\n\nOlder versions of Mozilla Firefox for Android contain multiple unspecified vulnerabilities that have since been fixed by the vendor.\n\nVersions of Firefox for Android older than 27.0 contain the following two vulnerabilities:\n\n - Unauthorized information disclosure via profile path leaks to the Android system log, which is readable from other applications. (CVE-2014-1484)\n\n - Issues related to differences in how JavaScript engines deal with native getters on the 'window' object. This can lead to a potential security check bypass issue. (CVE-2014-1481)\n\nThe detected version of Chrome of Android: \n%L

Solution: Upgrade to Mozilla Firefox 27 for Android (or later) from the Google Play app store.


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