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Apple TV < 9.2 Multiple Vulnerabilities



The version of this Apple TV device is not current and is thus unpatched for multiple vulnerabilities.


Versions of Apple TV earlier than 9.2 are unpatched for vulnerabilities in the following components :

- FontParser (CVE-2016-1740) - HTTPProtocol (CVE-2015-8659) - IOHIDFamily (CVE-2016-1748) - Kernel (CVE-2016-1750) - Kernel (CVE-2016-1753) - Kernel (CVE-2016-1751) - Kernel (CVE-2016-1754, CVE-2016-1755) - Kernel (CVE-2016-1752) - libxml2 (CVE-2015-1819, CVE-2015-5312, CVE-2015-7499, CVE-2015-7500, CVE-2015-7942, CVE-2015-8035, CVE-2015-8242, CVE-2016-1762) - Security (CVE-2016-1950) - TrueTypeScaler (CVE-2016-1775) - WebKit (CVE-2016-1783) - WebKit History (CVE-2016-1784) - Wi-Fi (CVE-2016-0801, CVE-2016-0802)


Upgrade Apple TV to 9.2, or later.