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Moodle 2.0.x < 2.0.3 Multiple Vulnerabilities



The remote web server is hosting a web application that is vulnerable to multiple attack vectors.


The remote web server hosts Moodle, an open-source course management system. Versions of Moodle 2.x prior to 2.0.3 are exposed to the following vulnerabilities :

- A security bypass flaw exists in Group/Quiz permissions that could allow a teacher assigned to a particular group to access quiz reports for students in other groups. (MSA-11-0013 / CVE-2011-4288)

- A security flaw exists which allows new users, who were added via CSV, access without being required to change their password. (MSA-11-0012 / CVE-2011-4287)

- An information disclosure flaw exists which exposes the email address on a user profile page to anyone after configuring it to be visible to course members only. (MSA-11-0014 / CVE-2011-4289)

- A validation bug in the comments system that allows an authenticated user to fill the comments table in the database with invalid records. (MSA-2011-0017 / CVE-2011-4292)

- A bug exists which allows an authenticated user to generate invalid records within the rating table of the database, and if someone was intent on doing destruction they could write a script to spam the database. (MSA-11-0016 / CVE-2011-4291)


Upgrade to Moodle version 2.0.3 or later.