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Trihedral VTScada 6.5 through 9.x <= 9.1.19, 10.x <= 10.2.21, and 11.x <= 11.1.08 Remote Denial of Service



A vulnerable VTScada server has been detected.


Trihedral VTScada versions 6.5 through 9.1.19, 10.x through 10.2.21, and 11.x through 11.1.08 contain a denial of service vulnerability caused by an integer overflow condition due to inadequately validated user input. A remote and unauthenticated attacker could cause the VTScada server to crash by sending a specially crafted packet to the VTScada server.


Trihedral has released three updated versions of VTScada that resolve this issue: 11.1.09, 10.2.22, and 9.1.20. Upgrade the software per the vendor's recommendations.