Mandriva Linux Security Advisory : java-1.6.0-openjdk (MDVSA-2010:084)

This script is Copyright (C) 2010-2016 Tenable Network Security, Inc.

Synopsis :

The remote Mandriva Linux host is missing one or more security

Description :

Multiple Java OpenJDK security vulnerabilities has been identified and
fixed :

- TLS: MITM attacks via session renegotiation

- Loader-constraint table allows arrays instead of only
the b ase-classes (CVE-2010-0082).

- Policy/PolicyFile leak dynamic ProtectionDomains.

- File TOCTOU deserialization vulnerability

- Inflater/Deflater clone issues (CVE-2010-0088).

- Unsigned applet can retrieve the dragged information
before drop action occurs (CVE-2010-0091).

- AtomicReferenceArray causes SIGSEGV -> SEGV_MAPERR error

- System.arraycopy unable to reference elements beyond
Integer.MAX_VALUE bytes (CVE-2010-0093).

- Deserialization of RMIConnectionImpl objects should
enforce stricter checks (CVE-2010-0094).

- Subclasses of InetAddress may incorrectly interpret
network addresses (CVE-2010-0095).

- JAR unpack200 must verify input parameters

- CMM readMabCurveData Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

- Applet Trusted Methods Chaining Privilege Escalation
Vulnerability (CVE-2010-0840).

- No ClassCastException for HashAttributeSet constructors
if run with -Xcomp (CVE-2010-0845)

- ImagingLib arbitrary code execution vulnerability

- AWT Library Invalid Index Vulnerability

Additional security issues that was fixed with IcedTea6 1.6.2 :

- deprecate MD2 in SSL cert validation (CVE-2009-2409).

- ICC_Profile file existence detection information leak

- JRE AWT setDifflCM stack overflow (CVE-2009-3869).

- JRE AWT setBytePixels heap overflow (CVE-2009-3871).

- JPEG Image Writer quantization problem

- ImageI/O JPEG heap overflow (CVE-2009-3874).

- MessageDigest.isEqual introduces timing attack
vulnerabilities (CVE-2009-3875).

- OpenJDK ASN.1/DER input stream parser denial of service
(CVE-2009-3876, CVE-2009-3877)

- GraphicsConfiguration information leak (CVE-2009-3879).

- UI logging information leakage (CVE-2009-3880).

- resurrected classloaders can still have children

- Numerous static security flaws in Swing (findbugs)

- Mutable statics in Windows PL&F (findbugs)

- zoneinfo file existence information leak

- BMP parsing DoS with UNC ICC links (CVE-2009-3885).

Additionally Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade (pcpa) at Mandriva found
and fixed a bug in IcedTea6 1.8 that is also applied to the provided
packages :

- plugin/icedteanp/
(plugin_filter_environment): Increment malloc size by
one to account for NULL terminator. Bug# 474.

Packages for 2009.0 are provided due to the Extended Maintenance

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Solution :

Update the affected packages.

Risk factor :

High / CVSS Base Score : 9.3
CVSS Temporal Score : 7.3
Public Exploit Available : true