Plugins: Service detection

Docker Container Change Detection

Cisco Smart Install Detection

TLS Version 1.0 Protocol Detection

Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) Protocol Detection

Redis Server Detection

Oracle GoldenGate Manager Version Detection

AlienVault OSSIM REST API Service Detection

Sophos XG Firewall Detection

IBM Spectrum Protect Mount Detection

Apple TV Version Detection

Docker Service Detection

TeamSpeak 3 Server Detection

SAP RMI-P4 Protocol Detection

Pgbouncer Service Detection

PowerFolder Server Detection

ProRat Detection

Flexera FlexNet Publisher Detection

Crestron QM-RMC Service Detection

TLS Version 1.0 Protocol Detection (PCI DSS)

Gearman Server Detection

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack Server Detection

sobby Server Detection

rsync Writeable Module Detection

Postfix Policyd Protocol Detection

Tinc VPN Service Detection

HP OfficeJet Printer Detection

HP LeftHand OS Management Protocol Detection

NAT-PMP Detection (local network)

NAT-PMP Detection (remote network)

SAProuter Detection

MikroTik MAC Telnet Protocol Detection

MikroTik Neighbor Discovery Protocol Detection

RES Workspace Manager Relay Server Detection

RES Workspace Manager Agent Detection

Juniper NSM GUI Server Detection

HP Switch Identification

Poison Ivy Detection

Hazelcast Memcached Interface Detection

Hazelcast Wire Protocol Detection

mDNS Detection (Local Network)

Android Emulator ADB Port on Remote Host

Nagios NRPE Plugin Detect

MongoDB Detection

Git Protocol Detection

VNC Server Unencrypted Communication Detection

EMC Data Protection Advisor CXML Service Detection

HP LeftHand OS hydra Detection

HP LeftHand OS Console Discovery Detection

VMware vCenter Detect

IPSEC Internet Key Exchange (IKE) Version 2 Detection

Erlang Port Mapper Daemon Detection

Advanced Message Queuing Protocol Detection

EMC AutoStart ftAgent Detection

Apple Profile Manager Detection

MikroTik RouterOS Winbox Detection

Java Debug Wire Protocol Detection

HP Printer PJL Interface Detection

BJNP Detection

EMC SMARTS Application Server Detection

Service Detection : SMTP Server on a Well-Known Port

IBM iSeries Server Detection

Trend Micro Control Manager CmdProcessor.exe Detection

Apple iOS Lockdown Detection

VMware vSphere Detect

SAP Dynamic Information and Action Gateway Detection

OpenVAS Scanner Detection

OpenVAS Manager / Administrator Detection

Nexpose HTTP Server Detection

Greenbone Security Assistant detection

Microsoft Host Integration Server Detection

Symantec Veritas Enterprise Administrator Service (vxsvc) Detection

Bitcoin Detection

OpenVPN Server Detection

Solstice Enterprise Agent SNMP (snmpdx) Detection

Citrix EdgeSight Load Tester (ESLT) version detection

HP iNode Management Center Detection

H3C / HP Intelligent Management Center Detection

WINS Server Detection

Sybase M-Business Anywhere (AvantGo) Sync Server Detection

Sybase M-Business Anywhere (AvantGo) SOAP Server Detection

Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution (LLMNR) Detection

ActiveFax Server Detection

Eric Cooperation Server Detection

HP StorageWorks File Migration Agent Detection

Trend Micro Message Routing Framework Detection

EA Need For Speed Underground Detection

Aeonian Dreams Detection

Microsoft Office Document Conversions Launcher Detection

Microsoft Office Document Conversions Load Balancer Detection

Rocket Software UniRPC Version Detection

DiskPulse Server Detection

Vuze Media Server Detection

OpenSSL Detection

Sybase PowerDesigner Repository Proxy Detection

Ricoh Printer Detection

Novatel MiFi Default Credentials

Novatel MiFi Detection

Apple Remote Events Service Detection

netsaint-statd Daemon Detection

RSP Detection

Unprotected QNX qconn Service

QNX pdebug Service Detection

D-link Click 'n Connect Daemon Detection

eyeMax DVR Server Detection

Beanstalkd Detection

Lexmark Printer Detection

Tenable PVS Proxy Detection

Windows Media Service Server Detection

Internet Cache Protocol (ICP) Version 2 Detection

Hyper Text Caching Protocol (HTCP) Detection

STUN Detection

Alert Standard Format / Remote Management and Control Protocol Detection

Logitech Touch Mouse Server Detection

IBM Remote Supervisor Adapter Detection (HTTP)

X-format Communications Protocol (XCP) Detection

D-Link Router Detection

HNAP Detection

Oracle WebLogic Server Node Manager Detection

Altiris Deployment Solution Server DB Manager Detection

Squeezebox Server Detection

SqueezeCenter Discovery Service Detection

Squeezebox Server CLI Detection

Unisys Business Information Server Detection

Apple TV Detection

Non-compliant Strict Transport Security (STS)

Strict Transport Security (STS) Detection

Lotus Domino Console Detection


sslh Detection

Dopewars Server Detection

Citrix Licensing Service Detection

Wyse Device Manager HAgent Service Detection

Novell Privileged User Manager Daemon Detection

EMC Replication Manager Server Detection

EMC Replication Manager Client Detection

Web Server Detection (HTTP/1.1)

HP LaserJet Printer Detection

ZENworks Remote Management Agent Detection

Samhain Server (yule) Detection

Thecus NAS Device Detection

Scan for UPnP hosts (multicast)

Web Server UPnP Detection

Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) Protocol Detection

EMC RepliStor Detection

HDHomeRun Control Service Detection

HDHomeRun Discovery Service Detection

HTTP Backdoor Detection

CA Unicenter Cron Scheduler Detection

SSL Service Requests Client Certificate

Yosemite Backup Service Driver Detection

Condor Service Detection

HTTP CONNECT Proxy Detection

Network Notary Server Detection

echoServer Detection

Zebedee Server Detection

IRC Bouncer (BNC) Detection

ezbounce Detection

BNC Detection

LANDesk QIP Server Detection

Kyocera Mita Scanner File Utility Detection

MS Executable Detection

LANDesk Remote Control Service Detection

Openlink Virtuoso Server Detection

.NET NegotiateStream Server Detection

Sun Java System ASP Server Detection

Microsoft Dynamics GP Distributed Process Manager Detection

EMC AlphaStor Device Manager Detection

EMC AlphaStor Library Manager Detection

Call Of Duty Server Detection

LISa Detection

CA Secure Content Manager HTTP Gateway Service Detection

MDAP Service Detection

McAfee Common Management Agent Detection

Symantec pcAnywhere Access Server Detection

Symantec Storage Foundation Scheduler Service Detection

Malware Payload Code detection

MobiLink Server Detection

SQL Anywhere Broadcast Repeater Detection

SSL Anonymous Cipher Suites Supported

XSTUNT Server Detection

File Transfer (P2P) Detection

Acronis Agent Detection (UDP)

Acronis Agent Detection (TCP)

KiSS PC-Link Server Detection (UDP)

KiSS PC-Link Server Detection (TCP)

SSH (SSF Derivative) Detection

GNUnet Detection (Client Interface)

RAPI Manager Detection

IBM WebSphere MQ Listener Detection

Versant Connection Services Daemon Detection

StarTeam Server Detection

SMPP Server Detection

RTMP Server Detection

MikroTik RouterOS Detection

LPD Detection

WinComLPD LPD Monitoring Server Detection

VNCviewer in Listen Mode Detection

XOT Detection

AXIMilter Detection

Milter Detection

nagios-statd Daemon Detection

Crystal Reports Central Management Server Detection

BitDefender Update Server Detection

LANDesk Management Agent Detection

LANDesk Ping Discovery Service Detection

netOctopus Agent Detection (UDP)

netOctopus Agent Detection (TCP)

Perforce Server Detection

Anon Proxy Server Software Detection

iSCSI Target Detection

I Hear U Detection

OSSIM Server Detection

OpenBase Detection

IBM Domino Detection (uncredentialed check)

HP OVCM/Radia Notify Daemon Detection

Novell CLNTRUST Service Detection

Datagram Transport Layer Security Detection

HP Linux Imaging and Printing System HPSSD Daemon Detection

X Font Service Detection

CA BrightStor HSM Engine Detection (UDP)

CA BrightStor HSM Engine Detection (TCP)

memcached Detection

OEJP Daemon Detection

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Client Acceptor Daemon Detection

Tor Server Detection

PostgreSQL Server Detection

Timbuktu Detection (UDP)

Cache' SuperServer Detection

Altiris Deployment Server Detection

UltraVNC w/ DSM Plugin Detection (2)

NetVault Process Manager Service Detection

Panda AdminSecure Communications Agent Detection

Ipswitch Instant Messaging Server Detection

Ipswitch Instant Messaging Client Detection

IBM Spectrum Protect / Tivoli Storage Manager Service Detection

Ingres Data Access Server Detection

Ingres Communications Server Detection

Symantec Ghost Solution Status Server Detection

Symantec Ghost Solution Locate Server Detection

XMPP Server Detection

avast! Management Server Detection

eScan Agent Detection

Centennial IP Transfer Agent Detection

Samba Server Detection

Remote listeners enumeration (Linux / AIX)

Talk Service (talkd,, ntalk) Detection

CA InoWeb Detection

McAfee E-Business Administration Agent Detection

Printer Job Language (PJL) Detection

FrontBase FBExec Process Detection

Sybase SQL Anywhere Server Detection

Trend Micro ServerProtect Detection

HP LoadRunner Agent Service Detection

ARCserve Backup for Laptops & Desktops Server Admin Service Detection

ARCserve Backup for Laptops & Desktops Server Detection

TCP Channel Detection

Teredo Server Detection

CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup Discovery Service Detection

Novell ZenWorks Asset Management Server Detection

SLP Server Detection (UDP)

SLP Server Detection (TCP)

HP OpenView Storage Mirroring Server Detection

Service Detection

Skinny Server Detection

Pervasive PSQL / Btrieve Server Detection

Zabbix Server Detection

ePolicy Orchestrator Detection

Sun Secure Global Software / Tarantella Detection

SOAP Server Detection

Symantec SAVCE/Client Security Service Detection

Derby Network Server Detection

RMI Remote Object Detection

ColdFusion MX Server Detection

MSRPC Service Detection

HP OpenView BBC Service Detection

Zend Session Clustering Daemon Detection

Firebird / InterBase Database Server Detection

Informix Detection

RMI Registry Detection

eIQnetworks Enterprise Security Analyzer Monitoring Agent Detection

Hobbit Monitor Daemon Detection

eIQnetworks Enterprise Security Analyzer Topology Server Detection

eIQnetworks Enterprise Security Analyzer License Manager Detection

eIQnetworks Enterprise Security Analyzer Syslog Server Detection

Oracle Database Detection

Trend Micro OfficeScan Client Version

Rendezvous Daemon Detection

Session Initiation Protocol Detection

GDB Server Detection

Novell Messenger Messaging Agent Detection

Novell Messenger Archive Agent Detection

SynchronEyes Teacher Detection

SynchronEyes Student Detection

Skype Stack Version Detection

AJP Connector Detection

Retrospect Client Detection

LDAP Server Detection

Inter-Asterisk eXchange Protocol Detection

TiVo Detection

CA DMPrimer Service Detection

CORBA IIOP Listener Detection

Eudora Internet Mail Server Admin Server Detection

Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) Detection

Airport Administrative Traffic Detection (192/UDP)

Network Block Device Server Detection

VMware ESX/GSX Server detection

HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) Detection

VERITAS NetBackup Volume Manager Detection

GO-Global Server Detection

VERITAS Backup Agent Detection

Cheops NG Agent Detection

VERITAS NetBackup Agent Detection

CA Message Queuing Service Detection

Trend Micro OfficeScan Client Detection

YIFF Sound Server Detection

VLAN Membership Policy Server Detection

HSQLDB Server Detection

SSL Version 2 and 3 Protocol Detection

Skype Detection

Py2Play Game Engine Detection

Tofu Server Detection

Ventrilo Server Detection

HP OpenView NNM Alarm Service Detection

HP OpenView UI Process Manager Daemon Detection

Tetrinet server detection

HP OpenView Topology Manager Daemon Detection

HP Data Protector Detection

EMC Legato Networker Detection

CA ARCServe MSSQL Agent Detection

UltraVNC w/ DSM Plugin Detection

VNC Server Security Type Detection

CA eTrust Intrusion Detection System Detection

Enterasys Dragon Enterprise Reporting Detection

FlexCast Server Detection

Entropy Gathering Daemon (EGD) Detection

slident / fake identd Detection

File Alteration Monitor daemon (famd) Detection

Kerio Winroute Firewall Admin Service Detection

Kerio Mailserver Admin Service Detection

Kerio Personal Firewall Admin Service Detection

CA ARCServe UniversalAgent Detection

Hydrogen Detection

Service Detection (GET request)

ISS Deployment Manager Detection

IDA Pro Disassembler Software Detection

Sybase TCP/IP Listener Service Detection

Rio Karma MP3 Player File Upload Service Detection

Timbuktu Detection (TCP)

NetOp Products Detection (UDP)

NetOp Products Detection (TCP)

McAfee IntruShield Management Console Detection

Check Point InterSpect Detection

Service Detection: 3 ASCII Digit Code Responses

Service Detection (2nd Pass)

Cfengine Detection

DistCC Detection

Subversion Server Detection

H323 Protocol / VoIP Application Detection

eMule Web Server Detection

mDNS Detection (Remote Network)

HALO Network Server Detection

Unreal Tournament Server Detection

Yahoo Messenger Detection

IPSEC Internet Key Exchange (IKE) Version 1 Detection

SAP DB / MaxDB Detection

DCN HELLO detection

EGP Detection

BGP Service Detection

Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Agent Detection

NetInfo Daemon Detection

SOCKS Server Detection

RIP Detection

TFTP Daemon Detection

RADIUS Server Detection

Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol (S-HTTP) Detection

Remote PC Access Server detection.

Network Chemistry Wireless Sensor Detection

apcnisd / apcupsd Detection

IMAP Service Banner Retrieval

IBM Lotus Notes Detection

rsync Service Detection

Discard Service Detection

writesrv Service Detection

IRC Daemon Version Detection

Unknown Service Detection: Banner Retrieval

Service Detection (HELP Request)

QMTP/QMQP Server Detection

Red Hat Interchange INET Mode Detection

xtel Detection

xtelw Detection

RPC Services Enumeration

Alcatel PABX 4400 Detection

Citrix Server Detection

X Display Manager Control Protocol (XDMCP) Detection

Network Time Protocol (NTP) Server Detection

CDE Subprocess Control Service (dtspcd) Detection

UPnP Client Detection

Symantec pcAnywhere Detection (TCP)

RTSP Server Type / Version Detection

VNC HTTP Server Detection

healthd Detection

Apple Filing Protocol Server Detection

DHCP Server Detection

PPTP Detection

AMANDA Client Version

AFS Client Version Detection

X Server Detection

LCDproc Detection

VNC Software Detection

Telnet Server Detection

Telnet Service Detection

SSH Server Type and Version Information

SMTP Server Detection

rsh Service Detection

rlogin Service Detection

rexecd Service Detection

Quote of the Day (QOTD) Service Detection

POP Server Detection

NNTP Server Detection

Nessus Server Detection

Microsoft SQL Server TCP/IP Listener Detection

LinuxConf Detection

FTP Server Detection

Echo Service Detection

Daytime Service Detection

CVS pserver Detection

Identd Service Detection

Symantec pcAnywhere Status Service Detection (UDP)

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