Plugins: Backdoors

Piriform CCleaner 5.33.6162 Backdoor

YARA Memory Scan (Linux)

YARA File Scan (Linux) (Solaris)

Malicious Process Detection: User Defined Malware Running (Mac OS X)

Malicious Process Detection: User Defined Malware Running (Linux)

G_Door Malware Detection

NetSpy Malware Services Detection

Cisco IOS SYNful Knock Implant

ASUS Router 'infosvr' Remote Command Execution

LusyPOS Malware Detection

ZXShell Malware Services Detection

Hikit Backdoor Detection

SYAC DigiEye Backdoor Detection

HP StoreVirtual Storage Remote Unauthorized Access

ZTE F460 / F660 Cable Modems web_shell_cmd.gch Administrative Backdoor

ScMM DSL Modem/Router Backdoor Detection

Reputation of macOS Executables: Never seen process(es)

Mac OS X Malicious Process Detection

Reputation of Linux Executables: Never seen process(es)

Linux Malicious Process Detection

KINS Banking Trojan/Data Theft (credentialed check)

Linux/Cdorked.A Backdoor

Rogue Shell Backdoor Detection

Stuxnet Worm Detection (uncredentialed check)

Stuxnet Worm Detection

Here You Have Email Worm Detection

UnrealIRCd Backdoor Detection

Zeus/Zbot Banking Trojan/Data Theft (credentialed check)

Energizer DUO USB Battery Charger Software Backdoor (credentialed check)

Arugizer Backdoor Detection

Conficker P2P Service Detection

Conficker Worm Detection (uncredentialed check)

Generic Backdoor Detection (banner check)

Fake SMTP/FTP Server Detection (possible backdoor)

Compromised Windows System (hosts File Check)

Zotob Worm Detection

IRC Bot Detection

SMTP Server Non-standard Port Detection

Kibuv Worm Detection

TFTP Backdoor Detection

TCP Port 0 Open: Possible Backdoor

Microsoft IE FRAME/IFRAME/EMBED Tag Overflow (Bofra Worm Detection)

MoonLit Virus Backdoor Detection

Unpassworded 'bash' Backdoor Account

PostNuke Trojaned Distribution

w32.spybot.fcd Worm Infection Detection

Hacker Defender Backdoor Detection

Unmanarc Remote Control Server (URCS) Detection

IRC Bot ident Server Detection

Radmin (Remote Administrator) Port 10002 - Possible GDI Compromise

MS04-028 Exploitation Backdoor Account Detection

Zincite.A (MyDoom.M) Backdoor Detection

Microsoft IIS Download.Ject Trojan Detection

W32.Dabber Worm Detection

Korgo Worm Detection

Sasser Virus Detection

Agobot.FO Backdoor Detection

PhatBOT Backdoor Detection

Bagle.B Worm Detection

MyDoom Virus Backdoor Detection

Bagle Worm Removal

NCASE Software Detection

DOWNLOADWARE Software Detection

CYDOOR Software Detection

VCATCH Spyware Detection

TIMESINK Spyware Detection

Wollf Backdoor Detection

Fluxay Sensor Detection

RemoteNC Backdoor Detection

FsSniffer Backdoor Detection

MS03-039 Exploitation Backdoor Account Detection

Bugbear.B Worm Detection

Desktop Orbiter Unpassworded Access Remote Reboot DoS

Bugbear.B Web Backdoor Detection

Desktop Orbiter Server Detection

Lovgate Virus Detection

4553 Parasite Mothership Backdoor Detection

Alcatel OmniSwitch 7700/7800 Switches Backdoor Access (deprecated)

Trojan Horse Detection

Bugbear Worm Detection

Radmin (Remote Administrator) Port 4899 Detection

alya.cgi CGI Backdoor Detection

Microsoft IIS Potentially Compromised Host Detection

RemotelyAnywhere SSH Detection

RemotelyAnywhere WWW Detection

Lion Worm Detection

Trinity v3 Trojan Detection

SubSeven Trojan Detection

mstream DDoS Handler Detection

mstream DDoS Agent Detection

Cart32 Backdoor Password Arbitrary Command Execution

Dansie Shopping Cart Backdoor Detection

Shaft Trojan Detection

WinSATAN Backdoor Detection

Trin00 for Windows Trojan Detection

Trin00 Trojan Detection

TFN (Tribe Flood Network) Trojan Detection

SyGate Backdoor Detection

Stacheldraht Trojan Detection

Portal of Doom Backdoor Detection

NetBus 2.x Software Detection

NetBus 1.x Software Detection

Kuang2 the Virus Detection

GirlFriend Backdoor Detection

GateCrasher Backdoor Detection

Linux FTP Server Backdoor Detection

Finger Backdoor Detection

DeepThroat Backdoor Detection

CDK Backdoor Detection

BackOrifice Software Detection

NetSphere Backdoor Detection

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