User Account Using Old Password



To mitigate the risk of credential theft, it is advisable to update regularly the passwords of all active accounts in Active Directory. However, if users must change their password too frequently, this may lead to the selection of predictable passwords or the storage of passwords in unsafe locations, increasing the likelihood of credential theft.


Tenable recommends implementing a password renewal policy for accounts with sensitive access rights in the information system. Configure this policy to prevent users from changing their password too frequently, which could increase the likelihood of predictable password use.

See Also

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Indicator Details

Name: User Account Using Old Password


Severity: Medium

MITRE ATT&CK Information:

Tactics: TA0004, TA0003

Techniques: T1078

Attacker Known Tools

van Hauser / THC: THC-Hydra

Solar Designer: John the Ripper

Jens Steube: Hashcat