Scan encrypted macros in Excel Open XML workbooks


This policy setting controls whether encrypted macros in Open XML workbooks be are required to be scanned with anti-virus software before being opened.
If you enable this policy setting, you may choose one of these options:
- Scan encrypted macros: encrypted macros are disabled unless anti-virus software is installed. Encrypted macros are scanned by your anti-virus software when you attempt to open an encrypted workbook that contains macros.
- Scan if anti-virus software available: if anti-virus software is installed, scan the encrypted macros first before allowing them to load. If anti-virus software is not available, allow encrypted macros to load.
- Load macros without scanning: do not check for anti-virus software and allow macros to be loaded in an encrypted file.
If you disable or do not configure this policy setting, the behavior will be similar to the 'Scan encrypted macros' option.


Policy Path: Microsoft Excel 2016\Excel Options\Security
Policy Setting Name: Scan encrypted macros in Excel Open XML workbooks

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References: 800-53|SI-3c.1.

Plugin: Windows

Control ID: a0c37f84b494b6cd2a6882162b69f6fd9bcbb2e33c32014936a159e97b1e92f6