Display Level 1 attachments


This policy setting controls whether Outlook blocks potentially dangerous attachments designated Level 1.
Outlook uses two levels of security to restrict users' access to files attached to e-mail messages or other items. Files with specific extensions can be categorized as Level 1 (users cannot view the file) or Level 2 (users can open the file after saving it to disk). Users can freely open files of types that are not categorized as Level 1 or Level 2.

If you enable this policy setting, Outlook users can gain access to Level 1 file type attachments by first saving the attachments to disk and then opening them, as with Level 2 attachments.
If you disable this policy setting, Level 1 attachments do not display under any circumstances.
If you do not configure this policy setting, Outlook completely blocks access to Level 1 files, and requires users to save Level 2 files to disk before opening them.


Policy Path: Microsoft Outlook 2016\Security\Security Form Settings\Attachment Security
Policy Setting Name: Display Level 1 attachments

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References: 800-53|SC-18(4)

Plugin: Windows

Control ID: 42febc523ee382a69ffe3300e3b49aecad1dbf5fa9a2b335ff64adb3c25c8239