VCPG-70-000018 - VMware Postgres must be configured to log to 'stderr'.


Without the ability to centrally manage the content captured in the audit records, identification, troubleshooting, and correlation of suspicious behavior would be difficult and could lead to a delayed or incomplete analysis of an ongoing attack.

The content captured in audit records must be managed from a central location (necessitating automation). Centralized management of audit records and logs provides for efficiency in maintenance and management of records, as well as the backup and archiving of those records.

For VMware Postgres logs to be successfully sent to a remote log management system, log events must be sent to 'stderr'. Those events will be captured and logged to disk where they will be picked up by 'rsyslog' for shipping.


At the command prompt, run the following commands:

# /opt/vmware/vpostgres/current/bin/psql -U postgres -c 'ALTER SYSTEM SET log_destination TO 'stderr';'

# /opt/vmware/vpostgres/current/bin/psql -U postgres -c 'SELECT pg_reload_conf();'

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References: 800-53|AU-5(1), CAT|II, CCI|CCI-001855, Rule-ID|SV-256608r887610_rule, STIG-ID|VCPG-70-000018, Vuln-ID|V-256608

Plugin: Unix

Control ID: 830828313f9ad4c29ff6b27cf66f829f549b5cb83729a5afe5a7d43dce990420