VCEM-67-000001 - ESX Agent Manager must limit the amount of time that each TCP connection is kept alive.

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Denial of service is one threat against web servers. Many DoS attacks attempt to consume web server resources in such a way that no more resources are available to satisfy legitimate requests.

In Tomcat, the 'connectionTimeout' attribute sets the number of milliseconds the server will wait after accepting a connection for the request URI line to be presented. This timeout will also be used when reading the request body (if any). This prevents idle sockets that are not sending HTTP requests from consuming system resources and potentially denying new connections.


Navigate to and open:


Configure the <Connector> node with the value:


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References: CAT|II, CCI|CCI-000054, Rule-ID|SV-239372r674610_rule, STIG-ID|VCEM-67-000001, Vuln-ID|V-239372

Plugin: Unix

Control ID: 8a60817e3f3689e1d01365713d4f757e75fa46cd24771735e6d98095db9abf60