RHEL-09-213085 - RHEL 9 must disable core dump backtraces.

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A core dump includes a memory image taken at the time the operating system terminates an application. The memory image could contain sensitive data and is generally useful only for developers or system operators trying to debug problems.

Enabling core dumps on production systems is not recommended; however, there may be overriding operational requirements to enable advanced debugging. Permitting temporary enablement of core dumps during such situations must be reviewed through local needs and policy.


Configure the operating system to disable core dump backtraces.

Add or modify the following line in /etc/systemd/coredump.conf:


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References: CAT|II, CCI|CCI-000366, Rule-ID|SV-257812r925423_rule, STIG-ID|RHEL-09-213085, Vuln-ID|V-257812

Plugin: Unix

Control ID: 98c325b148e9d9cc0fc883924e4eaf6e13e208e34b6c6f4abaaab8c5298284d2