OL08-00-010294 - The OL 8 operating system must implement DoD-approved TLS encryption in the OpenSSL package.


Without cryptographic integrity protections, information can be altered by unauthorized users without detection.

Remote access (e.g., RDP) is access to DoD nonpublic information systems by an authorized user (or an information system) communicating through an external, non-organization-controlled network. Remote access methods include, for example, dial-up, broadband, and wireless.

Cryptographic mechanisms used for protecting the integrity of information include, for example, signed hash functions using asymmetric cryptography, enabling distribution of the public key to verify the hash information while maintaining the confidentiality of the secret key used to generate the hash.

OL 8 incorporates system-wide crypto policies by default. The employed algorithms can be viewed in the '/etc/crypto-policies/back-ends/openssl.config' file.

Satisfies: SRG-OS-000250-GPOS-00093, SRG-OS-000393-GPOS-00173, SRG-OS-000394-GPOS-00174, SRG-OS-000125-GPOS-00065


Configure the OL 8 OpenSSL library to use only DoD-approved TLS encryption by editing the following line in the '/etc/crypto-policies/back-ends/opensslcnf.config' file:

For versions prior to crypto-policies-20210617-1.gitc776d3e.el8.noarch:

MinProtocol = TLSv1.2

For version crypto-policies-20210617-1.gitc776d3e.el8.noarch and newer:
TLS.MinProtocol = TLSv1.2
DTLS.MinProtocol = DTLSv1.2

A reboot is required for the changes to take effect.

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References: 800-53|AC-17(2), CAT|II, CCI|CCI-001453, Rule-ID|SV-248565r818617_rule, STIG-ID|OL08-00-010294, Vuln-ID|V-248565

Plugin: Unix

Control ID: e77fd7b0909a2363cdc2bbbe8ff55b91d4339faae1012d1d3e37001919b1b4a1