WDNS-SC-000007 - The Windows 2012 DNS Server must use DNSSEC data within queries to confirm data integrity to DNS resolvers.


The major threat associated with DNS forged responses or failures is the integrity of the DNS data returned in the response. The principle of DNSSEC is to mitigate this threat by providing data origin authentication, establishing trust in the source. By requiring remote clients to obtain origin authentication and integrity verification assurances for the host/service name to network address resolution information obtained through the service, data origin is validated.

A DNS server is an example of an information system providing name/address resolution service. Digital signatures and cryptographic keys are examples of additional artifacts. DNS resource records are examples of authoritative data. Applications other than the DNS, to map between host/service names and network addresses, must provide other means to assure the authenticity and integrity of response data.

In the case of DNS, employ DNSSEC to provide an additional data origin and integrity artifacts along with the authoritative data the system returns in response to DNS name/address resolution queries.


Sign, or re-sign, the hosted zone(s) on the DNS server being validated.

Log on to the Windows 2012 DNS server using the account designated as Administrator or DNS Administrator.

Press Windows Key + R, execute dnsmgmt.msc.

On the opened DNS Manager snap-in from the left pane, expand the server name for the DNS server, and then expand Forward Lookup Zones.

From the expanded list, right-click to select the zone (repeat for each hosted zone), point to DNSSEC, and then click Sign the Zone, either using approved saved parameters or approved custom parameters.

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