SQL6-D0-001800 - The Certificate used for encryption must be backed up, stored offline and off-site.


Backup and recovery of the Certificate used for encryption is critical to the complete recovery of the database. Not having this key can lead to loss of data during recovery.

NOTE: Nessus has not performed this check. Please review the benchmark to ensure target compliance.


Document and implement procedures to safely back up and store the Certificate used for encryption. Include in the procedures methods to establish evidence of backup and storage, and careful, restricted access and restoration of the Certificate. Also, include provisions to store the backup off-site.

BACKUP CERTIFICATE 'CertificateName' TO FILE = 'path_to_file'
WITH PRIVATE KEY (FILE = 'path_to_pvk', ENCRYPTION BY PASSWORD = 'password');

As this requires a password, take care to ensure it is not exposed to unauthorized persons or stored as plain text.

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References: CAT|II, CCI|CCI-001199, Rule-ID|SV-213913r879642_rule, STIG-ID|SQL6-D0-001800, STIG-Legacy|SV-93795, STIG-Legacy|V-79089, Vuln-ID|V-213913

Plugin: MS_SQLDB

Control ID: 5731c23308838a269588f394bf2f667f575483bd92a84cc45303aca042dc7d60