NET0995 - Management VLAN has invalid addresses


An address has not been configured for the management VLAN from space belonging to the OOBM network assigned to that site.

The OOBM access switch will connect to the management interface of the managed network elements. The management interface can be a true OOBM interface or a standard interface functioning as the management interface. In either case, the management interface of the managed network element will be directly connected to the OOBM network.

An OOBM interface does not forward transit traffic; thereby, providing complete separation of production and management traffic. Since all management traffic is immediately forwarded into the management network, it is not exposed to possible tampering. The separation also ensures that congestion or failures in the managed network do not affect the management of the device.

NOTE: Nessus has not performed this check. Please review the benchmark to ensure target compliance.

Review the managed switch configuration and verify that an address has been configured for management VLAN from space belonging to the OOBM network that has been assigned to that site.

interface VLAN10
ip address
description Management VLAN

NOTE: The IP address of the switch can be accessed only by nodes connected to ports that belong to the management VLAN.

A default gateway address as shown below must be configured using the address of the OOBM gateway router interface connecting to the OOBM access switch. This will ensure that all management traffic is forwarded toward the NOC using the switchport attached to the OOBM access switch.

ip default-gateway


Assign an IP address to the management VLAN from the address space belonging to the OOBM network.

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References: CAT|III, Rule-ID|SV-19338r1_rule, STIG-ID|NET0995, Vuln-ID|V-17825

Plugin: Cisco

Control ID: 5820470c0e3ad0cd2bebffd7e72d0cedf89da5372e6c484b300990bb47d6753f