AMLS-NM-000170 - Arista MLS must protect against an individual or process falsely denying having performed actions non-repudiation.


This requirement supports non-repudiation of actions taken by an administrator and is required in order to maintain the integrity of the configuration management process. All configuration changes to the network device are logged, and administrators authenticate with two-factor authentication before gaining administrative access. Together, these processes will ensure the administrators can be held accountable for the configuration changes they implement. To meet this requirement, the network device must log administrator access and activity.


Enable logging on the switch with sufficient detail to fulfill the specifications set forth in the VulDiscussion.

To configure logging to a remote syslog server at the informational level, enter:

switch(config)#logging host [ip address]
switch(config)#logging trap informational

Then configure the following AAA

aaa accounting commands all default start-stop logging [group radius]

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References: CAT|III, CCI|CCI-000166, Group-ID|V-60845, Rule-ID|SV-75301r1_rule, STIG-ID|AMLS-NM-000170

Plugin: Arista

Control ID: 097b9aba9a496129d836607c10323ba73d0d19b4ad0654955fada495098f6741