AS24-U2-000320 - The Apache web server must have resource mappings set to disable the serving of certain file types.


Resource mapping is the process of tying a particular file type to a process in the web server that can serve that type of file to a requesting client and to identify which file types are not to be delivered to a client.

By not specifying which files can and cannot be served to a user, the web server could deliver to a user web server configuration files, log files, password files, etc.

The web server must only allow hosted application file types to be served to a user, and all other types must be disabled.


Determine the location of the 'HTTPD_ROOT' directory and the 'httpd.conf' file:

# apachectl -V | egrep -i 'httpd_root|server_config_file'
-D HTTPD_ROOT='/etc/httpd'
-D SERVER_CONFIG_FILE='conf/httpd.conf'

Disable MIME types for .exe, .dll, .com, .bat, and .csh programs.

If 'Action' or 'AddHandler' exist and they configure .exe, .dll, .com, .bat, or .csh, remove those references.

Restart Apache: apachectl restart

Ensure this process is documented and approved by the ISSO.

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References: 800-53|CM-7a., CAT|II, CCI|CCI-000381, Rule-ID|SV-214283r881478_rule, STIG-ID|AS24-U2-000320, STIG-Legacy|SV-102865, STIG-Legacy|V-92777, Vuln-ID|V-214283

Plugin: Unix

Control ID: 0511eb76562853d01d013f74c770de29460c45ca3abcc7417c8d90f8746ced2f