GEN002753 - The audit system must be configured to audit account termination - '/etc/security/audit/config USER_Remove exists'


If the system is not configured to audit certain activities and write them to an audit log, it is more difficult to detect and track system compromises and damages incurred during a system compromise.


Configure the system to audit account termination.
Edit /etc/security/audit/events and add the USER_Remove event to the list of audited events
Edit /etc/security/audit/config and add the USER_Remove audit event to an audit class in the classes: stanza.
Edit the /etc/security/audit/config and assign the audit classes with the USER_Remove event to the all users listed in the users: stanza.

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References: 800-53|AC-2(4), CAT|III, CCI|CCI-001405, Rule-ID|SV-38854r1_rule, STIG-ID|GEN002753, Vuln-ID|V-22382

Plugin: Unix

Control ID: 87d67c48a1a0ffb4e96fcf76ff01332b250d105d1b2fa7c447287d1d5d4f7a25