4.16 init.ora - 'o7_dictionary_accessibility = FALSE'


This is a database initialization parameter that controls access to objects in the SYS schema. Set this to FALSE to prevent users with
EXECUTE ANY PROCEDURE and SELECT ANY DICTIONARY from accessing objects in the SYS schema. If access to these objects is required, the
following roles can be assigned, SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE, EXECUTE_CATALOG_ROLE, DELETE_CATALOG_ROLE. If set to TRUE, accounts with 'ANY'
privileges could get access to objects in the SYS schema. Default setting is FALSE.
Note: In Oracle Applications 11.5.9 and lower, O7_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY must be set to TRUE. This is required for proper functioning of
the application and Oracle does not support setting it to FALSE. In Apps 11.5.10 and higher, O7_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY should be set to
FALSE. See Oracle Metalink Note ID 216205.1 for more information.
Level 2, Scorable
NOTE: Change {ORACLE_HOME} to the full path of your organization's Oracle directory.

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References: 800-53|AC-3(7)

Plugin: Windows

Control ID: 1f00b059bd6e79b17902f8b086f483a9a1e760013974c487c2fb4323d8d92cc3