3.7 Only enable Windows-compatibility servers if absolutely necessary - Ensure file /etc/rc3.d/S90samba does NOT exist.


This item only applies to Solaris 9 systems. Solaris 9 now includes the popular Open Source Samba server for providing file and print services to Windows-based systems. This allows a Solaris system to act as a file or print server on a Windows network, and even act as a Domain Controller (authentication server) to older Windows operating systems. However, if this functionality is not required by the site, the service should be disabled.

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Audit Name: CIS Solaris 9 v1.3


References: 800-53|CM-7b., CSCv6|9.1

Plugin: Unix

Control ID: 075c3e14556687144edecaae838971c6186f141b4e201c5aba1318f1e9541c89