2.11 Disable Local-only RPC Port Mapping Service


Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is used by many services within the Solaris 11 operating system. Some of these services allow external connections to use the service (e.g. NFS, NIS).
By default, the Solaris 11 OS configures this service to be local only.

RPC-based services typically have weak or non-existent authentication and yet may share very sensitive information, which is vulnerable to network traffic sniffers. Unless one of these services is required on this host, RPC-based tools should be fully disabled.


To disable this service, run the following command:
# svcadm disable svc:/network/rpc/bind

If the goal is to restrict access to this service, but not disable it completely, consider using a host-based firewall such as ipfilter(5) to control what hosts are allowed to access this service. Alternatively, TCP Wrappers support, which controls host access and connection auditing, can be enabled. TCP Wrappers is discussed in the next section.

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