4.2.8 Ensure that the kubeAPIQPS [--event-qps] argument is set to 0 or a level which ensures appropriate event capture


Security relevant information should be captured. The --event-qps flag on the Kubelet can be used to limit the rate at which events are gathered. Setting this too low could result in relevant events not being logged, however the unlimited setting of 0 could result in a denial of service on the kubelet.


It is important to capture all events and not restrict event creation. Events are an important source of security information and analytics that ensure that your environment is consistently monitored using the event data.


Setting this parameter to 0 could result in a denial of service condition due to excessive events being created. The cluster's event processing and storage systems should be scaled to handle expected event loads.

NOTE: Nessus has not performed this check. Please review the benchmark to ensure target compliance.


None by default.
Follow the documentation to edit kubeletconfig parameters.

Default Value:

By default, the kubeAPIQPS argument is set to 50.

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