1.4.2 Ensure 'Failed Attempts' and 'Lockout Time' for Authentication Profile are properly configured - Failed Attempts


Configure an Authentication Profile with Failed Attempts and Lockout Time set to organization-defined values (for example, 3 failed attempts and a 15 minute lockout time). Do not set Failed Attempts and Lockout Time in the Authentication Settings section; any Failed Attempts or Lockout Time settings within the selected Authentication Profile do not apply in the Authentication Settings section.
Without a lockout limit, an attacker can continuously guess administrators' passwords. If lockout settings are configured in the Authentication Settings section, it may be possible for an attacker to continuously lock out all administrative accounts from accessing the device.


Navigate to Device > Authentication Profile.
Set Failed Attempts to the organization-defined value.
Set Lockout Time to the organization-defined value.
Default Value:
Not configured

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References: 800-53|AC-7a., CSCv6|16.7

Plugin: Palo_Alto

Control ID: c33ee679006e4eceac3beb7f2bb76f45be279456dac35551dcbb918c59cbd24d