Ensure 'Allow network connectivity during connected-standby (on battery)' is set to 'Disabled' - Disabled

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This policy setting allows you to control the network connectivity state in standby on modern standby-capable systems.

The recommended state for this setting is: Disabled.


Disabling this setting ensures that the computer will not be accessible to attackers over a WLAN network while left unattended, on battery and in a sleep state.


Network connectivity in standby (while on battery) is not guaranteed. This connectivity restriction currently only applies to WLAN networks only, but is subject to change (according to Microsoft).


To establish the recommended configuration via GP, set the following UI path to Disabled:

Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\System\Power Management\Sleep Settings\Allow network connectivity during connected-standby (on battery)

Note: This Group Policy path may not exist by default. It is provided by the Group Policy template Power.admx/adml that is included with the Microsoft Windows 10 Release 1607 & Server 2016 Administrative Templates (or newer).

Default Value:

Enabled. (Network connectivity will be maintained in standby while on battery.)

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