5.7 Ensure mail forwarding rules are reviewed at least weekly


You should review mail forwarding rules to external domains at least every week.


While there are lots of legitimate uses of mail forwarding rules, they are also a popular data exfiltration tactic for attackers. You should review them regularly to ensure your users' email is not being exfiltrated.

NOTE: Nessus has not performed this check. Please review the benchmark to ensure target compliance.


To review mail forwarding rules, use the Microsoft 365 Admin Center:

Go to Exchange admin center.

Expand Reports then select Mail flow.

Click on Auto forwarded messages report.


To review mail forwarding rules, use the following Powershell script:
Uses the administrator user credential to export Mail forwarding rules, User Delegates and SMTP Forwarding policies to multiple csv files. First connect to Exchange Online by using connect-exopssession

$allUsers = @()
$AllUsers = Get-MsolUser -All -EnabledFilter EnabledOnly | select ObjectID, UserPrincipalName, FirstName, LastName, StrongAuthenticationRequirements, StsRefreshTokensValidFrom, StrongPasswordRequired, LastPasswordChangeTimestamp | Where-Object {($_.UserPrincipalName -notlike '*#EXT#*')}

$UserInboxRules = @()
$UserDelegates = @()

foreach ($User in $allUsers)
Write-Host 'Checking inbox rules and delegates for user: ' $User.UserPrincipalName;
$UserInboxRules += Get-InboxRule -Mailbox $User.UserPrincipalname | Select Name, Description, Enabled, Priority, ForwardTo, ForwardAsAttachmentTo, RedirectTo, DeleteMessage | Where-Object {($_.ForwardTo -ne $null) -or ($_.ForwardAsAttachmentTo -ne $null) -or ($_.RedirectsTo -ne $null)}
$UserDelegates += Get-MailboxPermission -Identity $User.UserPrincipalName | Where-Object {($_.IsInherited -ne 'True') -and ($_.User -notlike '*SELF*')}

$SMTPForwarding = Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited | select DisplayName,ForwardingAddress,ForwardingSMTPAddress,DeliverToMailboxandForward | where {$_.ForwardingSMTPAddress -ne $null}

# Export list of inboxRules, Delegates and SMTP Forwards
$UserInboxRules | Export-Csv MailForwardingRulesToExternalDomains.csv
$UserDelegates | Export-Csv MailboxDelegatePermissions.csv
$SMTPForwarding | Export-Csv Mailboxsmtpforwarding.csv

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